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GNOX Aggregator

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Phase 3

58,000,000 GNOX

We have made this to help our community observe, learn and take part in earning rewards on their cryptos!


Presale Bonus

Gnox Contract Address:


Token Symbol | $GNOX


Supply: 60Million $GNOX


Token Symbol | $GNOX


Supply: 58Million $GNOX


Token Symbol | $GNOX


Get rewarded with 10% of the first deposit made by people you invite

Get $GNOX in 4 steps

Enter Dashboard

Click and enter our presale platform; you will need to sign up to participate in the Gnox Presale. This will be your personal user login before launch.


We accept all major cryptocurrencies as payment for $GNOX in the presale phase; these include BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD, and many more!

Destination address

Copy and paste your preferred (BEP-20) destination wallet address. Please double-check the address as this is where your $GNOX tokens will be airdropped.

Receive tokens!

Now sit back, relax and wait for the day of launch for your $GNOX to be airdropped to your chosen address.

The Future of Investing

When community-focus and innovative business minds come together to bring a brighter tomorrow

We understand the need within DeFi for innovation, passive income, and most importantly a community! Gnox builds an ecosystem that derives its value from the community it retains while passively rewarding users who hold $GNOX long term.

The Gnox strategies have been tried, tested, and used daily by our DeFi experts. Our mission is to offer $GNOX holders the same level of service without any added extra steps. You buy, you hold, you earn. Let us do the hard work for you!
At genesis, we will start with a small treasury; however, as we grow, so will our treasury. As our treasury develops, it will also increase our buying power, ability to create more unique features, and generate more rewards for long-term $GNOX holders!

Our goal at Gnox is to make you the digital bank. Once our contract has launched: we will not have a central entity, no human intervention, and no overheads.

Why Gnox?

Gnox aims to become a leader in the Defi sector by paving the way for the next generation of reflection tokens. By analysing and constantly improving the current version, Gnox has seen a gap within the market where treasury funds can be used to benefit the users more than just a flat percentage of all transactions.

Providing Liquidity

By leveraging within the Gnox treasury to provide liquidity inside reputable and secure pools, investors can have confidence in knowing that the fair market valuation of the Gnox token holds an inherent bias to the upside. By utilizing our strategy across multiple pools offering up to 50% APR while current traditional banks average less than 2%, the Gnox advantage becomes clear.

NFT Acquisition

The recent popularity and financial incentives within non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide Gnox with another opportunity to generate revenue for investors. By utilizing the skills of our strategists, Gnox will leverage an appropriate portion of treasury assets to acquire and trade these digital assets for profit.

Loaning Protocols

The decentralized finance sector of cryptocurrency has seen massive growth and the adoption of lending and borrowing protocols. Utilizing a portion of the Gnox treasury to lend and reap the benefits of these services is yet another way the Gnox platform provides value to investors and ensures sustainable and ever-growing returns.

Buy, Hold, Earn from our Audited, Decentralized and Multichain Platform

Gnox is the next evolution of reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): the first self-accruing reflection token to maximize your earnings both now and in the future. Hold $GNOX in an eligible wallet and automatically receive rewards from every transaction!

*tokenomics are subject to change in accordance with presale performance

Token Information


Gnox Roadmap

Q2 2022

Public Presale Phase 1: 12th May - 12th June

Public Presale Phase 2: 12th June - 12th July

Multi-signature implementation on Treasury wallet

‘Continuous Marketing’ programme initiates

Contract Audit

Q3 2022

Public Presale Phase 3: 12th July- 12th August

Token Launch

LP acquisition initiates

Pool Aggregator initiates

Purchase of Community NFT

Q3 Treasury Asset Audit

Q4 2022

‘Protocol Takeover’ programme initiates

Gnox Multi-chain

Voted public community member joining treasury signatory board

Gnox Decentralised Exchange (DeX)

End of Year Treasury Asset Audit


Gnox NFT staking

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