Meet The Team



IT & Security

Specializing in internet security and networking, Adam has spent the better part of a decade leading sizeable IT teams across the globe. With a passion for blockchain technology, Adam has applied these skills within the crypto space with great success over the past two years. Outside of work, Adam enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, and tending to his aquarium.




An expert in multiple programming languages, Mario brings a level of confidence to the Gnox platform that is truly impressive. Specializing in Solidity, Rust, Vyper, and Yul, Mario has dedicated his career to achieving excellence in everything he designs. An invaluable asset to the Gnox team, Mario looks to apply over a decade of experience to our platform.




With his unique style in front-end web design, Simon focuses his abilities on the overall look and feel of the Gnox platform. Having a diverse background in e-commerce has allowed Simon to bring forth the magnitude of design and user interface ideas established by the core team. Spending nearly seven years honing his craft, Simon is a valuable and popular team member within the Gnox community.




After working as a Software Engineer at Google for over five years, Nolan decided that it was time for a change and took some time off to experiment and build new things. While working on a different project on his own, he started picking up on blockchain technology and became excited by some of the unsolved challenges in that space. This eventually led him to learn everything he could about smart contract development before teaming up with Vanessa to build Nolan is a strange mix between a cartographer and a free-thinker. At Gnox, when he is not actively drawing the roadmap and planning ahead, he spends his time building all aspects of our technology to the tiniest details.




Rocco has been working in Sales, Partnerships, and Operations for 10+ years. While his strong suit is to build relationships with partners, negotiate deals, and structure operations, he also loves to get technical on various designs and 3D tools. He spent most of his career at Google, more recently as a Strategic Partner Manager for re-owned financial institutes, working with personal and business clients. When not working on Gnox or looking at upcoming market trends, you can find Rocco in his home studio, still working.



Marketing Director

From humble beginnings, Eric is a Canadian father of four who has successfully built a career in digital and social media marketing. Applying these skills over the past three years to the cryptocurrency market, Eric has had the privilege of working with and consulting for numerous high-level projects. Specializing in DeFi, Eric looks to bring a level of experience and passion to the Gnox platform that is difficult to rival. Eric enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and working on classic vehicles outside of work.




Vanessa is the Founder of and core developer of the new-age treasure-backed reflection token. Vanessa built a strong foundation within the early technology boom, deepening her knowledge within the current web and Web3. Vanessa has helped build four separate companies while also playing a pinnacle role in executing political strategies and campaigns for influential politicians, brands, and global access. Vanessa has been involved in the interconnected worlds of marketing and technology, underpinned by over a decade of experience at the highest levels of politics and strategies worldwide. When Vanessa is not busy traveling from conferences to meetings, she takes her free time to enjoy her family and, most importantly, her Labrador, Lily.